Raise your voice for the future of Tasmania

Tasmanians, the Forest Peace Deal Agreement is going through the Upper House, where the legislation will either pass, or crash and burn with a huge loss of public faith and return to community division and ongoing stalemate.

The agreement isn’t perfect, I know, but it’s better than no agreement and it has involved compromise from both sides to reach. We can always build from here and work towards a better agreement once people have adapted to change and seen that the Agreement hasn’t led to wholesale economic collapse. Please don’t ditch the agreement because not every patch of high-value forest is protected, or not every forest job is saved. Extremism will never reach a compromise, on either side. The problems will never be solved by holding out for your own ideal of a successful outcome. Remember that it’s a step in the right direction to building a more sustainable future. The first step, with many more to come as we walk down the path together, as a cohesive community with a shared vision for the future.

Those against the peace deal – those who want unrestricted forestry at any cost, despite the reality of falling demand and industry decline, and those who will not accept that not all high-conservation-value forests can be protected – have mobilised opposition, further feeding bitterness and division in the community. They are petitioning the Upper House to reject the Agreement legislation and they’re creating a lot of noise.

Don’t let division and extremism determine the future of our State. Stand up for working together for long-term, sustainable outcomes for Tasmania. Sign the counter-petition and let our politicians know we support peace in our forests. If we don’t speak up, the voices of conflict will win. Rejection of the Agreement does not benefit anyone. Please raise your voice in support of a more sustainable future for Tasmania.

Sign here: Official petition in support of the Forest Peace Deal Agreement


2 Comments on “Raise your voice for the future of Tasmania

  1. I tried to sign it but I needed a Tasmanian address 😦

    This is quite close to my heart because I’d love to move to Tassie one day and it’s such a beautiful place with untouched areas we don’t have anywhere else. I hope it all goes well!

    • Thanks Emma,

      Since it’s a formal petition to the State government, only Tasmanian residents can sign. I think GetUp.org is running a petition for general purposes? Interesting times here, politically. There’s a lot of uninformed opposition to the deal, and a lot of people with their heads in the sand regarding the viability of forestry and the impact of market changes. It’s easier to blame “greenies” than to accept and adapt to change.

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