Postcards from Peru

Home again. Hopefully normal blog service will resume shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a little something from my travels…


Peru 2.0
In the greenhouse at the Girl’s Home where I was volunteering, trying to teach food growing skills.

Peru 2.0
Cusco, home base for my month-long stay.

Peru 2.0
In the hills above Cusco, learning about Peru, her people and culture.

Peru 2.0
Stumbling across human history in the spectacular landscape of the Sacred Valley in Pisac.

It was a very intense trip, challenging on many levels. It’s given me a whole lot to think about, but for now I need to focus on unpacking and getting my life back in order here in Hobart.

Meanwhile, how have you been?

10 Comments on “Postcards from Peru

  1. It seems like we’ve been to a lot of the same places. I loved Peru, and also stayed in Cusco for a month. By any chance did you stop at Tres Cafe? (I loved their chocolate cake!) What was your favorite place to eat in Cusco?

    • Hello! I don’t think I ate at Tres Cafe. If I did I don’t remember it. I mostly ate at very cheap local places, under 8 S/ for the “menu”, so food wasn’t the highlight of my trip. I did enjoy the roast guinea pig though!

      My fave place ended up being the little vegetarian restaurant that had a 6 S/ menu and made some very tasty dishes using local ingredients. I also loved getting tamales for breakfast from a woman selling in Plaza San Francisco.

      What did you do with your month in Cusco?

      • Was the vegetarian place called “El Encuentro” , they had the best deals, and delicious food! I was there almost every night! I studied at Amauta Spanish School, explored Cusco, and went to Machu Picchu. Along with other things, but it was an amazing trip!

    • Yup, El Encuentro on calle Tigre. Conveniently located a block from my school: Proyecto Peru on Siete Cuartones. This was my second trip to Peru, so I’d already been to Machu Picchu – this trip was all about getting a deeper feel for the place and the culture. Next time I’ll be spending more time in the Andes – I adore the mountains but didn’t get out of Cusco this trip for study, work and health reasons. 🙂

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  3. Nice! The clouds in the second last photo look so close!
    I always love pictures of vege gardens. What was the most challenging thing about your teaching?

    • Hello you! The clouds are close: we were at 3 300 m!

      I’m going to write a big post all about my volunteer project and the challenges and successes of it all, I promise! By far the biggest challenge was the complete lack of any central organisation or coordination, followed closely by some major cultural challenges relating to expectations of volunteer projects over there. I learnt an awful lot!

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