The shape of things to come


South Cape walk, Bruny Island, Tasmania I’ve been making the most of my sabbatical, but now spring is here. Hello!

Starfish, Lady Bay, Tasmania. Hang in there, you’ll make it through.

Calvert’s Beach, Tasmania Take a moment to just breathe.

Fungi climb a tree, Powelltown State Forest, Victoria, Australia If you can’t change the situation, try changing your perspective.

Snow gentian (Gentianella sp.), Mt. Wellington Treasure the small joys and ephemeral beauties of daily life.

Little pied cormorant (Microcarbo melanoleucos), Lake Daylesford, Daylesford, Victoria. Seek moments of stillness.

Tasmanian pademelon (Thylogale billardierii) – the smallest wallaby – Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania. We share our world with millions of other creatures. Treat them with care and respect.

Balance is an essential quality of living sustainably: prioritising activities and accepting limitations to reach your goals and avoid the pitfalls of over-commitment, burn-out and apathy. Balance is critical in managing our time, resources and health, maintaining momentum and juggling competing demands. It’s so damn important, and I’ve been so bad at it. I may have the best of intentions, but I over-promise and under-deliver. I take on too many commitments, throwing… Read More

Tamar River, Launceston, Tasmania. Find time to stop, reflect and be amazed by where you find yourself. (I need to take my own advice.) P.S. I have home internet access again! Hopefully regular posting will resume next week.

Frost on buttongrass, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania. Consider the gifts each season brings: winter’s coming, with her frosty beauty and steaming breath.