The shape of things to come


Derwent Estuary, Hobart, Tasmania Tell the people who matter how you feel. (I have some phone calls to make)

Tall Sundew (Drosera auriculata), Tarkine region, north-western Tasmania. “Discipline is remembering what you want, and then acting on it.” – Tom Franklin

Don’t be afraid to let your soft side show. Be vulnerable, believe in love.

North-western Tasmania, Tarkine region Make yourself time to be wild and free.

Somewhere on the Tasmanian east coast Don’t just dream it, do it. Take that first step today and keep on the journey. Create your own footprints.

Laguna Cejar, Salar de Atacama, Chile Reflect a while on who you are versus who you want to become, then find the path you must travel. Acknowledging your faults will help you to master them. *** I will be at the Hobart Sustainable Living Festival this weekend. If you spot me, come and say hi!

Micro-fungi, Tarkine area, north-western Tasmania. From little things, big things grow. Sow a kernel of dreams, let them take root.

The end of the road, Tasmanian highlands Never stop exploring, even in your own backyard. There is always something new to discover, both within and without. Find out where that road leads.

No matter how dark it may get, the world remains a beautiful and amazing place (it’s been a rough news kind of week)

Florentine contested forestry area, Tasmania Don’t be afraid to let who you really are shine through.