The shape of things to come


I have a few strange habits: I keep every rubber band that enters my house in a container in a kitchen drawer. The frilly tulle bags from jewellery shops get tucked into a box in a draw. I stack up old egg cartons on top of the fridge. Glass jars get washed up and stowed in a box under the table. A pretty box in the study stores used wrappings, packaging and… Read More

Micro-fungi, Tarkine area, north-western Tasmania. From little things, big things grow. Sow a kernel of dreams, let them take root.

It’s World Environment Day, and here at Shape of Things to Come HQ we’re trying hard to keep our cynicism in check. Y’see, doing your bit for the planet isn’t exactly a once-per-year event and I tend to get a little frustrated with the types of tokenistic actions these sorts of ‘awareness’ days generate. World Environment Day it remains though, and as I lay in bed this morning, procrastinating over leaving my warm… Read More