The shape of things to come


Tall Sundew (Drosera auriculata), Tarkine region, north-western Tasmania. “Discipline is remembering what you want, and then acting on it.” – Tom Franklin

North-western Tasmania, Tarkine region Make yourself time to be wild and free.

Micro-fungi, Tarkine area, north-western Tasmania. From little things, big things grow. Sow a kernel of dreams, let them take root.

I love Tasmania’s forest. Happiness is a mountain-top or a myrtle forest in my world and I’ve spent many blissed-out hours walking through the mossy half-light of the old-growth forests that quietly soothe and revitalise the human spirit. These are special places, rich in biodiversity and ecological complexity. Special places that many people believe are worth fighting for. You see, Tasmania’s economy is driven by primary industries. We don’t have a big… Read More