The shape of things to come


Derwent Estuary, Hobart, Tasmania Tell the people who matter how you feel. (I have some phone calls to make)

Wherever you find yourself, make that place a home. You may be leaving again, but in the interim see what you can grow.  

These days I think most everyone who’s interesting in food – from either a taste or a sustainability perspective – has discovered the benefits of shopping at local farmer’s markets*. Fresh, local produce that tastes great and supports the local community: what’s not to love? There’s a lot of good information out there about the benefits of shopping at your local market and avoiding the supermarket produce aisles: The food is fresher,… Read More

Do you have a happy place? Somewhere you can go when the world gets too much, a place to re-charge and reconnect? I do, and I’m lucky that my very special place is practically on my doorstep. It’s one of the reasons I love Hobart so much and am loath to consider leaving. My happy place is Mt. Wellington, the dolerite peak that makes this little city so unmistakable. Hobart folds itself… Read More

Last week I was lucky enough to score an invitation to tour the new Sustainability Learning Centre, under construction here in Hobart (thank you, day job!) Developed as a partnership between the Department of Education, Greening Australia, the Catholic Education Office, the Association of Independent Schools of Tasmania and the CSIRO, the Centre will be a mixed educational, research and operational facility, attached to Hobart College. That’s pretty cool and all, but… Read More