Finding my happy place

Do you have a happy place? Somewhere you can go when the world gets too much, a place to re-charge and reconnect?

Wellington mosaic

I do, and I’m lucky that my very special place is practically on my doorstep. It’s one of the reasons I love Hobart so much and am loath to consider leaving. My happy place is Mt. Wellington, the dolerite peak that makes this little city so unmistakable. Hobart folds itself around the Mountain’s flanks, seeking shelter from the westerly gales that batter this latitude and drinking from the many creeks and rivulets that drip their way down the slopes and run through the gullies. The Mountain’s unmistakable silhouette can be seen from most every part of this little city, watching over the lives below.

Geilston Bay

Wellington is special, and not just because it’s an ecological treasure-trove (A Gondwanaland remnant, with wet and dry sclerophyll forest, temperate rainforest, stunted alpine woodlands and alpine heath-lands, it’s incredibly diverse). There’s a power to the place; a deep, quiet presence that sinks into you and reminds you that the world is so much bigger and older than your little griefs and anxieties.

I like nothing better than to lose myself in solitude for hours on one of the many trails that criss-cross the Mountain’s peaks and valleys. After a year of walking on the Mountain most weekends there are still dozens of new trails awaiting exploration, plus old favourites to re-visit and experience in different seasons. In autumn the rainforest is full of fungi in a riot of shapes and colours. In winter the summit may be dusted in snow and the woodlands wreathed in mists. In spring tiny wildflowers sprout unexpectedly from rocky crevasses, tiny jewels in a harsh landscape. In summer the views stretch out forever and every inch of Mountain hums with life… There are hidden waterfalls, arresting outlooks, vast alpine plains and craggy peaks to climb.


Wellington is the wilderness on my doorstep, and it calls to my soul. Every hour spent walking the slopes is time well spent, restoring my spirit and reminding me why these wild places matter. That’s what is so important about preserving pockets of wilderness: these spaces nourish us and help to keep us connected to the ecosystems we rely on. Wild places teach us how to be alone, how to reach the sacred inside ourselves and how to reconnect with our environments. My Mountain, it is love.

Where is your happy place? Where do you go to get away from it all? Does the wilderness call you, or are you refreshed by city life or the sea instead? What makes a place truly special to you?

…and if you ever want a walk on my Mountain, you only have to ask.

Wellington Somewhere

5 Comments on “Finding my happy place

  1. Its a beautuiful blog, there are a couple of places on our farm where I find my happy place. I think Tasmania has many, when I come back from interstate of overseas I feel like I am re-entering a sleepy dream. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, one of my favourites in the Tarn Shelf (Mount Field National Park) Cheers Guy MGF

    • Hi Guy and thanks for the comment. We are indeed very lucky here in Tas. As a fairly recent import I’m still discovering all the magic places but it’s Wellington that really calls to me.

      Maybe I’ll get myself up to your farm one day. It sounds like somewhere I’d enjoy visiting.


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