Shape of things sabbatical

It’s about to get quiet around here: very quiet indeed. I’m taking a break from this blogging business while the rest of my life needs my focus.

It’s not that I don’t want to be writing: I do! I have a huge list of blog topics up on my wall, several half-written posts in my head and a few more sitting in the drafts folder. It’s not a lack of motivation or a shortage of ideas. What I am running low on is time.

 King Turbine
How can doing things like this not inspire me?

I’m working long hours and travelling a lot at the moment and lots of long days are taking their toll (On the plus side I’m getting lots of practice at packing and living out of my backpack, which will be handy for my upcoming South America trip!). I’ve been too busy to get out bushwalking or go drumming. I’m running on coffee, sugar and stress.

It’s not a sustainable way to live, and so I’m stepping back a little while I get through this busy period and while I’m off on adventures overseas. A sabbatical: time to reflect, explore new ideas, go on a grand adventure and get my life back into balance. Two months off.

I’ll be back again in September to share my stories from the road and keep growing this little community. In the meantime, here are a few great reads to keep the conversation going:

Blissful blogs:

  • Whole Larder Love: let Rohan’s excellent photography and delicious recipes inspire a low-impact lifestyle
  • Speed River Journal: my Canadian friend Van blogs about his own sustainability journey
  • Provincial Life: the lovely Kat explores Tasmanian food and places with an eye on reducing her environmental impacts
  • Milkwood Farm: adventures in establishing a viable permaculture venture

Noteworthy news:

A touch of zen:

  • Zen Pencils: gorgeous weekly illustrations of great quotes to inspire you

Prom Road
Open mind, open heart, open road

It’s fitting that I’ll be posting again come the start of spring. It’s a good time for re-beginning.

See you in September!

6 Comments on “Shape of things sabbatical

  1. Gotta take a break sometimes when real life gets in the way! See you in a couple of months and hope it all goes well 🙂

    • Thanks Emma! And thank you again for your guest post – it was great.

      I’m heading overseas for a month, which kinda makes a break necessary. I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about once I’m back!

    • Thanks Miss Black! I totally don’t feel ready to go away yet, but I know once I’m on that plane I’ll be fine.


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