The shape of things to come


When you choose a path to walk you cannot know exactly where it will lead you. At best we can only see part-way to where the journey will take us and the obstacles we will encounter. Adjust to the path as you find it and let it lead you where you need to go. Let the journey become part of you.

It’s about to get quiet around here: very quiet indeed. I’m taking a break from this blogging business while the rest of my life needs my focus. It’s not that I don’t want to be writing: I do! I have a huge list of blog topics up on my wall, several half-written posts in my head and a few more sitting in the drafts folder. It’s not a lack of motivation or… Read More

I’m writing this on a Monday – that dread day of the week – telling you that life is beautiful. Thanks to a weekend with the most excellent company, filled with shared laughter, food and affection, I’m feeling totally in love with life. My perspective is refreshed and I can see quite clearly that my life is amazing. I look around me and see so many good things: the little cottage that’s… Read More

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. My greatest ambition is to just be a good man. To be better than I was yesterday. To do no harm. To give more than I take. To never strive for perfection but to try to live and love more perfectly. Being a good man to my family, my friends and to my community is the greatest ambition I can dream of. — Shervin Pishevar

Last week I went to listen to Warren Macdonald[1] give a talk about his life, philosophies and experiences. The key theme of Warren’s talk was coping with change and a comment he made in passing really got me thinking… Talking about coaching corporate clients on coping with change Warren commented that they often find it impossible to accept that global economy has permanently changed; that the “Global Financial Crisis” isn’t a temporary… Read More