Happy Earth Day

This planet, this remarkable pale blue dot, is our one and only home.

There is no nobler cause than to take care of it, to work towards a greener, fairer, cleaner future.

Let’s create the kind of world we want to live in: every day, every choice counts.

This is our home and we all can shape it.


6 Comments on “Happy Earth Day

  1. That photo! You should submit your photography to National Geographic Toni.

    Sadly our current government doesn’t agree with us :(:(, pathetic isn’t it? How short sighted some people can be?

    • Hah! I really do wish I didn’t have raindrops on the lens in this shot, but I was shooting into the wind, and thus the rain. =o(

      Our current government is appalling, but that doesn’t mean we stop and give up. It means what we do on the personal and community level matters more than anything. Times are changing: farmers and environmentalists are joining together to protect farmland and aquifers from coal seam gas exploration; the Climate Council is crowd-funded; ordinary people are starting to ask serious questions!

      And in the wider world, change marches on. Neonicotinoides are being banned in Europe (the pesticide class linked to bee colony collapse disorder). Class action is being taken against Monsanto and Bayer. China is admitting it has a pollution problem. Peru is finally doing something about illegal mining. Old money and vested interests are shouting so loudly because they know the change is happening and they are scared. Abbott’s government is horrifying, but perhaps it’s what it will take to get enough Australians to get up and take action to make a difference.

      Hey, you’ve got to have hope, right?

  2. Small bit by small bit, it’s better to do something than nothing. Have loved your posts and pictures from Peru. All the best, Eddy

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